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Black Water Recovery Divers

Our divers are comfortable both in deep water and low-visibility water. We dive into places that most try to avoid. The Black Water we dive into feels like a second home. Some areas we have worked recovery in included rivers, under the ice, and in swamps. Where ever you need us, we are there.

We are an underwater search, salvage, and recovery business. We are experienced in decompression, overhead environments, ice diving, rivers, and zero visibility.

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Matt Hunt

Matt was certified in 1994. He holds a Trimix certification and has been doing recovery dives for the past 15 years. Matt also enjoys deep diving and the history of shipwrecks in the great lakes. He also enjoys the challenges of new environments and the technical work involved in the recovery of items.


Black Water Recovery Divers

Proper training and certifications are essential to the safety of our divers and a successful recovery or repair for our clients. We care about a safe and successful recovery.

On Call Diver

Andy Erard

Andy was certified in 1980. He holds a Master diver certification and has been doing Recovery dives for the past 15 years. He has been diving with Matt for over 16 years in various environments. Andy enjoys helping people in a hard situations finding items people have lost as well as fixing boats, and recovering sunken items as well.

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