Black Water Recovery Divers

Extended Range Diving

With the training and certification of mixed gasses, we are able to go deeper and stay longer to make sure the job gets done. The safe recovery of your property is our number one priority.

Travel to any location

Hourly and per job rate

Several divers on call for larger jobs

Quick response and scheduling time


We offer in-water prop replacement for your boat. This saves the costly expense and time of having your boat removed from the water, at the same time, getting your boat back into operating order faster.

Metal Detecting

Metal Detecting is a quick and accurate way to find your items. We have underwater metal detectors that can withstand depths over 100ft. Even if your lost item is buried under the sand or muck, we can find it.

Salvage Operations

Salvage operations require special tools that we possess. We carry a variety of lift bags and pillows to handle small and large jobs. We also have water pumps to get the water out of the salvage boat quickly.

Additional Services

Items For Recovery


Frequently Asked Questions

The coolest thing I have recovered was a bunch of Megalodon teeth off of the coast of North Carolina. During my training and searches I have also found guns, safes, vehicles and artifacts.

I volunteer for both Calhoun and Kalamazoo County for the local Sheriffs Department. I will search in other counties but there is a fee to cover equipment, expenses and time.

I am certified in Technical Diving with Trimix and can go to depths of over 200’.

Most of the water that I dive in for recovery is very low visibility. Typically I can’t see more than a few feet in front of me or sometimes not even a few inches. Most of the water around here is pretty barren and is more like diving in a desert plain.

I have been diving in 4 out of the 5 great lakes and I’m an avid shipwreck diver. Out of the area I have traveled to Mexico, Brazil, Canada, St. Croix and the Carolina’s for diving.

Yes, I have. I have been volunteering for over 15 years in the surrounding area and have had to recover drowning victims. Although it is not easy it is nice to be able to bring closure to the family.

There a lot of factors that go into this. The longest I can stay down is 4 hours on my rebreather but this would have to be in shallower water.

This has a lot of variables as well. The biggest one being how close can you get me to where you lost it. It’s very important to mark your location on your phone, fish finder or get a good line of sight on a few different objects. If you can get me within 50 yards of an object I can typically find it. Small objects lost around a dock tend to be more complicated due to the debris that has gathered around them over the years.

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